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Updated 1/1/2019  A large number of Wedding Cakes I design and create in Yorkshire, Manchester & Cheshire, are for Asian and Indian Weddings.  We specialise in Really Tall Wedding Cakes, Eggless Wedding Cakes, Hanging Wedding Cakes and Chandelier Wedding Cakes for Asian Weddings in Leeds, Yorkshire and Manchester.  We offer several options, from tabletop frames to freestanding arrangements for our Hanging Wedding Cakes.  Chandelier Wedding Cakes are a spectacular and showstopping option for your Wow Factor Wedding Cake.  And we love designing and creating them!

The majority of Asian Wedding Cakes we create are quite big and spectacular, as there are usually several hundred guests.  Many of the Asian Wedding Venues in Bradford, Leeds, Dewsbury and Manchester are really huge Venues with high ceilings, so it’s quite important to order a wedding cake that will fill the space properly.

Setting a budget for your big Asian Wedding Cake is probably the first thing to think about.  If you want something really spectacular and very tall, with enough cake to feed all your guests, this will be somewhere around £1000.00 as a rough price guide.  If your budget is less than this, and you don’t require hundreds of portions of cake, we have several ways of bringing the cost down by including fake tiers, separators to increase height and using silk or fresh flowers rather than hand made sugar flowers.  So please just ask for details, I’m here to help you achieve your Dream Wedding Cake.

We also create lots of smaller Asian Wedding Cakes too!  Often the Bride and Groom may be funding the wedding themselves, or a family member wishes to pay for the wedding cake and budget is limited.  That’s no problem at all, you can still have a beautiful wedding cake, and if your asian wedding is a more intimate affair, and you don’t need a huge wedding cake, we can create something very pretty and detailed that will taste delicious.  Have a look at our Cake Menu for the mouthwatering flavours we offer, many of these can be adapted as an eggless cake.

Our Eggless Wedding Cakes are obviously very popular for Asian Weddings.  You can opt for the entire cake to be eggless or maybe a couple of tiers.  Absolutely all of our cakes are Vegetarian, we do not use gelatin.  And all of our cakes are available without alcohol, so please state at the time of ordering and we will make sure that we do not use vanilla extract (as this contains alcohol).

So, whilst I am not actually Asian, many, many of my lovely customers are.  I have lots of experience in designing, baking, creating, delivering and displaying Asian Wedding Cakes all around Huddersfield, Halifax, Bradford, Leeds, Dewsbury and Cleckheaton.  In addition to the many Asian Wedding Venues throughout Yorkshire, Manchester and Cheshire.  I know how requirements can vary greatly, and I’m very proud to have helped lots of Asian Families achieve their Perfect Dream Asian Wedding Cake many times over.

So, whether your Asian Wedding is a Muslim Wedding, Sikh Wedding, Hindu Wedding, Christian Wedding or a mix of several religions, we can create your perfect wedding cake and help you cater for all of your guests.

Asian Wedding Cakes Yorkshire, Manchester, Cheshire
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Asian Wedding Cakes Yorkshire, Manchester, Cheshire
We design and create Stunning Asian Wedding Cakes in Yorkshire, Manchester & Cheshire, for Muslim, Sikh and Hindu Weddings.  We specialise in Really Tall Wedding Cakes, Eggless Wedding Cakes and Hanging Wedding Cakes.
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