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Our Cakeology

philosophy, ethos, ideology, attitude, beliefs, code, principles, values…

Okay it’s a play on words, but I feel it really describes our philosophy here, call it a ‘cake code’, it’s what I believe in wholeheartedly and it’s the cornerstone of my creation, The Sugar Velvet Cake Company.

From the very second I decided I wanted to create The Sugar Velvet Cake Company I knew that  my ‘cakeology’ simply had to be based on designing, creating and producing not only the best cakes in Yorkshire, but the most amazing cakes in Yorkshire.  Both looks and taste.  And delivering the best possible customer experience…. ever.  In short, I wanted to be the best, and offer the best of everything as a cake maker.  The whole cake experience, from start to finish.  Yes, it should be fun and enjoyable for both customer and cake designer equally.  I think I’ve delivered this, my customers are happy and I love my job!

I have always been completely passionate about my cakes tasting every bit as good as they look.  ‘Exquisite and Delicious’ was my original USP when I founded the business in 2010.  Since then I have determinedly strived to maintain this ethos with each and every cake I have designed, baked and created for my wonderful clients.

This is why I always use local free-range eggs, pure creamy butter and as many locally-sourced, independently produced and premium artisan ingredients as I can hunt down!  Our most popular Vanilla Sponge features a beautifully fresh-tasting Raspberry Conserve, which is packed with fruit and tastes sublime alongside our lightly whipped and decadently creamy vanilla buttercream.

Our famous Luscious Lemon Cake is drenched in a hand made lemon syrup spiked with Italian Limoncello from Sorrento and accented with a smooth layer of creamy yet zesty sicilian lemon curd.


Our rich and decadent Belgian Chocolate Cakes are made only with real Belgian Chocolate and premium quality real cocoa and you absolutely can tell the difference.  All our luxuriously silky chocolate ganaches are hand made in our kitchen using local cream.  And many of our fruit conserves are hand-made here too, in particular, our passionfruit preserve which marries beautifully with a rich belgian chocolate ganache filling as it’s sharp zesty nature simply cuts through the rich deep intense chocolately decadence.

Our ingredients have and always will be the most carefully sourced and selected for their quality, authenticity and taste.   Our cake menu has been chosen for it’s awesome flavour combinations.  We know from our consistently amazing feedback that our cakeology, quite simply, works.  It is at the heart and soul of the company and the cakes we lovingly create just for you.