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Looking for a Birthday Cake in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire?

Birthday cakes come in all shapes, sizes and themes, and we can create something fabulous for the occasion, right here in West Yorkshire.  Our spectacular and unique, hand made birthday cakes are available in any shape, style, design, and of course flavour  (it’s very important that your cake tastes just as fabulous as it looks).  Our cakes are always freshly baked to order and delivery is always available.best birthday cakes west yorkshire

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Yes it’s all cake!  And the lovely lady even put the shoe on after a few glasses of bubbly!  She loved it xxx

When you order a bespoke cake from us, you are ordering a birthday cake that will be as unique and individual as the person it is intended for.  Completely personalised, bespoke and unique, specifically designed for the person and the occasion or celebration.  We have the experience required to ask all the right questions and then take the time needed to dream up designs and options tailored to your circumstances and wishes.  This is why we don’t offer a range of standard cake designs and prices to add to your shopping cart, you could get that at your local supermarket (it wouldn’t taste anything like our cakes, but you get the point?).

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Not sure exactly what you want? No problem, just give us a brief and leave the design to us, it’s the best possible option to ensure that you get the most wow-factor for your money…and having a wealth of experience in designing, baking and creating some of the most amazing and fabulous Award Winning Cakes in Yorkshire, Manchester and Cheshire, you are in safe hands…just read our customer reviews

We also offer a fabulous range of wedding cakes, wedding & party favours, dessert tables and cupcakes.

How to decide how big your bespoke cake needs to be.

There are several factors involved here, it’s definately not straightforward and one size certainly does not fit all!  Firstly we will ask what you are expecting from your cake, what impact are you hoping to achieve?  Wow-factor?  Will the cake be displayed as a centrepiece or focal point?  Do you need to feed a certain number of people or not?  How big do you want a portion of cake to be?  A small slice wrapped in a napkin to take home, a coffee sized portion to offer around, a real piece of cake as a proper dessert, extra cake left over for the family to enjoy after the celebration or event?  Or a combination of any of these?  Lots of questions and everyone is different.  I have to say that the majority of our customers are actually surprised at quite how large their cake is when they collect it.  Images on the internet all look the same size, they fit a standard sized box.  All of our bespoke cakes that we have designed and created, in our cake galleries are very different in size and price.  I have developed this page to give you a bit of an insight into costs so that you can think about what exactly you require before you make an enquiry, and also to help you decide on your budget and know what you will be getting for your money.  I have the experience to do that and I’m really happy to share some of my helpful hints, to make sure every one of my clients is perfectly happy with their cake and their expectations are met or exceeded.

Bespoke celebration cakes are priced according to the time it takes to create.  Simple.  But the level of wow-factor and personalisation is not always dependent on the time this takes.  Confused?  I’m sure you are!  We have the extensive experience needed to guide you through the process and we have devised this guide to give you a bit of help in ordering your bespoke birthday or celebration cake in Huddersfield.

For a bespoke cake in the £85.00 price range, you will get a cake that will give 20 to 30 decent portions with a fairly simple design (photo image, luxury ribbon and bow, a hand made single character or handmade sugar flower etc) or a beautifully smooth iced, or rose swirled, vanilla creme cake with a personal hand piped message)….

or 20 to 30 small portions of a unique personalised cake with a selection of hand modelled items (such as make-up, simple flowers, edible printed images etc), or a simple hand modelled figure of a person with no specific requirements other than hair colour and style.

Maybe a two tier celebration cake for a special birthday for a lady?  Or a childrens two tier birthday cake?

Something larger or more special??  and typically ranging from £195.00 upwards depending on the level of work involved and the size required.  Did you know that hand made 3D sugar models of specific characters take a long time to create!  And often we have to make these in several stages.  Especially if there are lots of different colours, shapes and details to include.

Having a really big celebration?  Need to feed lots of people and have a really big celebration cake or maybe a really amazing and intricate, special birthday cake worthy of the wow-factor?  No problem.

Delivery is always included here.  Very tall cakes are not easy to transport…we either drive very slowly and carefully, or we stack and assemble at the final destination….So, unless you are very confident in collecting and transporting this yourself, we would usually recommend that we safely deliver these sizes and styles of cake to your venue, and this will always be included in the quoted price.

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We will work with your colour scheme, style and vision .  All cakes are personalised with name, age and message as standard.  These details can be hand piped, moulded or attached as an edible gift tag (which is very classy and totally appropriate for more feminine or contemporary designs).

Alternatively you can simply tell me what your maximum budget is, give me a brief of the impact you are expecting, a little about the recipient of the cake, and why you are wanting to order the cake…..just let me do the rest and I will be in touch with options, prices and outline descriptions.  It’s then up to you to decide…

You can book a cake with us with a £25.00 deposit for cakes up to £200.00, and a £50.00 deposit for cakes over £200.00.   Certain cakes do require us to deliver them safely to their destination, and may need stacking and finishing off at the venue, it all depends on the size, the complexity of the design and the structure of the cake.  This is why most wedding cakes, which are usually cakes with several tiers, need to be assembled at your venue, and delivery and set-up is essential to ensure your tiered cake is exactly how it should be.  Small to medium sized two tier cakes, however, are quite safe to collect and transport yourself.  These two tier cakes start at £135.00 for a simple yet elegant design to yield upwards of 40 portions.

If you are local to Huddersfield and the surrounding towns we are happy to deliver your bespoke celebration cake at a pre-arranged time.   Collection from our Huddersfield Cake Kitchen in Longwood is also available at a pre-arranged and confirmed time.  We are very flexible and will always offer free local delivery as the preferred option.

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Birthday cakes are available in any shape, style, design, and flavour  Our cakes are always freshly baked to order and delivery is always available. Birthday Cakes in Huddersfield, Leeds, Bradford, Wakefield, Halifax, Elland, Brighouse, Outlane