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Cakes In West Yorkshire – Our Cake Menu

Our Cake Flavours…

It’s very important that your cake tastes just as fabulous as it looks, this is why our extensive menu of original cake recipes have been carefully developed in our own kitchen using the best possible ingredients and tried and tested flavour combinations.  All freshly baked to order with the utmost care and attention to detail.

Our cake menu has developed and expanded over the years due to our real customer feedback, we know what’s popular, which recipes go down well, and why you decide to choose particular cake flavours for your wedding cake, birthday cake or bespoke celebration cake.  We want to make anything possible and for you to have the best tasting experience for you and your guests.


Our Rich and Deliciously Decadent Chocolate Collection

Belgian Chocolate Millionaires

Our signature rich belgian chocolate cake torted with layers of  creamy chocolate ganache and buttery salted caramel.  Incorporating dark and milk Callebaut belgian chocolate, pure dark cocoa and local fresh cream.  Encased in a rich and creamy sweet shell of  belgian chocolate ganache prior to icing.  It’s a truly decadent and luxurious creation.

Belgian Chocolate Decadence 

A dense and very rich chocolate cake filled with creamy chocolate ganache.  Incorporating dark and milk Callebaut belgian chocolate, pure dark cocoa and local fresh cream.  Encased in a rich and creamy sweet shell of white belgian chocolate ganache prior to icing, this stunning beauty will wow your wedding guests…..add a layer of artisan passion fruit conserve, rich and creamy caramel or salted caramel creme, all hand crafted in our own kitchen in copper pans for an added dimension to this luxurious creation.  Or perhaps a layer of sharp seville orange preserve (think Jaffa Cakes!).   Portions do not need to be very big at all with this cake flavour, it’s very grown-up, rich and stunningly delicious….once tasted never forgotten…

Sweet Chocolate Fudge 

A traditional chocolate cake, possibly reminiscent of your childhood.  A smooth and velvety chocolate sponge with a sweeter but still very chocolatey belgian milk chocolate ganache buttercream.  A lighter alternative to the above, but equally as chocolatey.  If you want to appeal to lots of tastes this cake hero is a definate all-round crowd pleaser…just make sure you order enough portions!

Light Chocolate and Vanilla

A smooth and velvety chocolate sponge filled with a light whipped vanilla buttercream.  The light sweetness of this cake recipe pairs perfectly with either a coating of smooth fondant icing, as a naked or semi-naked cake, or indeed as a buttercream dressed cake.  Consider a buttercream in a contrasting flavour such as raspberry or cappuccino, or a luscious layer of black cherry preserve for a retro hit, reminiscent of black forest gateau for a marriage made in heaven!  Perfect for an afternoon tea.

Classic Red Velvet

Ruby red sponge, with a smooth and velvety texture…infused with cocoa and sandwiched with a sumptuously creamy white belgian chocolate ganache creme.  This American classic is a firm favourite amongst many of our clientele who demand something devilishly handsome…in both looks and flavour.


The Not-So-Plain-Or-Boring Vanilla Collection…..aka Fruity Favourites

Heavenly Vanilla and Raspberry

Moist and velvety vanilla sponge, fragrant with real Madagascan Vanilla Extract.  Coupled with beautifully zesty artisan raspberry preserve, packed with fruit and alternately sandwiched with a light and creamy layer of our trademark sweet vanilla buttercream.  The fruity sharpness of the raspberry goodness counters the light vanilla cream perfectly.  Its our number one flavour combo for a reason, it’s simply heavenly, and absolutely everyone loves it.

Vanilla and Sweet Strawberry

Got a sweet tooth?  Yes, lots of us have!  In which case our original Devon Cream Tea combo is the one for you, sweet and creamy, creamy and sweet.  As with all our other cake menu combinations, this is available with or without seeds….perhaps something to consider if you are planning a cake for elderly guests ;0)

Vanilla and Passionfruit

Moist and fragrant velvety vanilla sponge.  Coupled with artisan passion fruit conserve, hand crafted in our own kitchen in copper pans, alternately sandwiched with a light and creamy layer of our trademark sweet vanilla buttercream.  The fruity sharpness of the passionfruit goodness counters the light vanilla cream perfectly.  Its new and vibrant, it’s simply heavenly, and absolutely everyone loves it….think Solero on an English Summer’s Day….zesty, creamy and oh so delicious.

Creamy Vanilla and Peach

Peaches and Cream…what could be better?  Our first ever truly unique, hand crafted cake flavour combination.  Specifically created for a very special customer….for a very special cake order in Huddersfield, Yorkshire.  Joanna Harris, best selling novelist of Chocolat.  The launch of her subsequent best selling novel ‘Peaches’ required something quite special, and this was the result…..“Fairy Cakes, made with Real Fairy Dust…Beautiful and Delicious…”  Incorporating a hand crafted peach conserve made in our own kitchen in copper pans.

Creamy Coconut and Lime

I originally invented this recipe as a unique option for our Eggless Cake Flavours.  But obviously it’s also available as a traditional cake recipe.  The coconut not only adds a level of goodness (coconut and coconut oil is so so good for you, and has so many health benefits) but that’s not the reason I developed it, I was searching for something different.  However, the new cake flavour was met with a phenomenal response and has hurtled ahead as one of the most popular cake flavour combinations….ever, on a par with vanilla and raspberry I would say.  The response upon tasting it has been without doubt the most pleasing to a cake maker.  It’s unusual, unique and absolutely delicious.

Luscious Lemon Sponge

Zesty lemon sponge cake, moist and delicious, soaked in a beautiful hand made lemon syrup containing freshly squeezed lemon juice and speciality Limoncello from Sorrento.  Filled with a creamy yet sharp, artisan lemon curd and a smooth creamy lemon buttercream.  One of the most popular options as one of your wedding cake tiers.  Eggless version available without the lemon curd.  Alcohol free version available without the Limoncello.

Lemon and Elderflower

A Royal Combination…Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s flavour of choice…a subtly fragrant sponge, infused with hand-made elderflower syrup (infused with our very own elderflower presse, made from elderflowers picked right on our doorstep on Lamb Hall Road in Huddersfield, every May/June on a warm dry day when the buds are at their best…you can’t get more local than that!)  Filled with a light and creamy lemon curd buttercream.  Neither flavour overpowering one-another, this combination is an epitome of Rural English Summertime.

Rhubarb with Elderflower, Ginger or Vanilla

From our own English Country Garden plants in Spring/Summer and specialist ‘out of season’ tender stems from the Rhubarb Triangle in Wakefield, West Yorkshire…our beautifully fruity rhubarb preserve is the perfect collabaration with Elderflower Sponge, Ginger Sponge and Vanilla Sponge.  Typically English, it’s a fabulously different flavour to be devoured!  Why not consider a Rhubarb Gin, syrup infused sponge for an elegantly contemporary twist to your Wedding Cake?


The New Traditionalists…Old School Favourites

Traditional Rich Fruit Cake

Packed with plump fruits, cherries and nuts, soaked in the finest Brandy over several weeks, our traditional rich fruit cake is a labour of love.  Brushed with an apricot glaze before enveloping in a smooth blanket of the finest almond paste, before dressing in a sweet fondant icing.  We’re so happy to see this traditional original is making a comeback on the wedding scene.  A very elegant option to serve to your guests towards the end of the evening with Brandy, Liqueurs or Coffee, we’re seeing this as an increasingly popular option for at least one of your wedding cake tiers.   And of course, this beauty will last for quite some time, so you can continue to enjoy your wedding cake for months after the big day.   We have developed a range of brand new fruit cake wedding cakes, beautifully moist and rich fruit cakes featuring dark belgian chocolate chunks and ganache coatings, crystalised stem ginger pieces, preserved sour black cherries, salted pecans, marbled and flavoured almond paste shards, crunchy butter toffee inclusions, gleaming pistachios, rose water infused turkish delight cubes…it takes your fruit cake wedding cake to a new dimension.

Glorious Ginger

A fragrant and spicy ginger sponge sandwiched with layers of stem ginger and caramel preserve with white chocolate ganache.  It’s a bit different…moist, sticky, sweet, and ever so good!

Black Forest Gateaux

This retro classic has had a 21st century makeover….our rich belgian chocolate sponge cake, torted with alternate layers of fruity artisan morello cherry preserve and a lightly whipped white chocolate buttercream.  Definately worthy of bringing out of the Seventies!

New additions to the cake menu include Spiced Carrot Cake with St Clements Frosting or Rich Cream Cheese and White Chocolate Frosting….Cherry Bakewell Sponge – fragrant and moist with ground almonds and filled with fruity morello cherry preserve, a perfect partnership with our sweet swiss fondant icing!

Anything Goes…It’s YOUR Cake

Have a favourite flavour combo?  It’s YOUR cake, have it YOUR way!  Simply tell us what flavour and fillings you would like and we’ll make it happen xxx

Award-Winning Cakes, including Vegan, Eggless, Dairy-Free and Gluten-Free Cakes in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire.

I went to great lengths to source ingredients and invent, develop and create delicious recipes for wedding cakes, celebration cakes and cupcakes for people in Huddersfield, Yorkshire, Manchester and beyond with special dietary requirements.  Eggless Cakes, Gluten Free Cakes, Vegan Cakes, Dairy Free Cakes, in fact any Special or Free From Cakes in Huddersfield, Yorkshire, Manchester and beyond….. In the ever increasing world of food allergies and intolerances, religious requirements, and lifestyle choices, we think it’s worth it.  And our customers do too.

Many of our flavours and fillings are created from our very own locally, hand-picked ingredients, jams, jellies, cordials and syrups.  These, and our more exotic flavour ingredients are always sourced and selected ‘in season’ when the fruits are at their plumpest and juiciest… to be lovingly preserved for use throughout the year, in the traditional, old English methods….you really can taste the difference!

So, don’t feel you are restricted, we can adapt lots of our cake flavours for free-from wedding cakes and bespoke cakes.  Just let us know your requirements and see what we can offer!


Exquisite and Delicious Wedding Cakes in Yorkshire, Manchester and Cheshire

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