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Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know something before you get in touch?  Here are our most frequently asked questions…And we’re happy to answer!

How much are your cakes?

Our cakes start at £85.00 for a celebration cake for local collection or delivery.  Wedding dessert tables start at £295.00 and tiered wedding cakes start at £350.00.

What kind of cake can I expect for £85.00?

It al depends on the size and level of detail involved.  i.e the time it will take to create your specific design.  If you’re not completely set upon an exact design then we can use our creative expertise to create something fabulous within your given budget.  As a general guide, a single tier cake, simply decorated cake for up to 30 portions…or a more detailed design for up to 10 portions will normally fall within this price range.

How much are your wedding cakes?

Our wedding cakes start at £350.00 for a 3 tier cake up to 50 portions.   All wedding cakes include delivery and set-up at your wedding venue on the day itself.  

How much is a tall, wow factor wedding cake?

Wedding cakes with 5 or 6 tiers are always around £1000.00.  We usually incorporate some dummy tiers (depending on how tall you want the cake to be).  Portions can be up to 300, but we can supply additional portions with extra cutting cakes if needs be within this price point.

How much are your sculpted, 3D cakes?

It all depends on size and scale really!  Some are easier than others, and no two are the same!  If you have your heart set on something specific, and it is very time consuming, then the cost will reflect this.  If, however, you are open to suggestions, we have always been able to adapt designs to suit budgets, so just ask!

Do you deliver?

Yes!  Delivery in Huddersfield and easily accessible surrounding areas (Outlane, Brighouse, Halifax, Mirfield, Dewsbury, Cleckheaton, Bradford M606 end, Oldham, Wakefield Grange Moor end etc) is usually available within the price or for a nominal extra charge.  Deliveries further afield are no problem at all, we simply price according to the time it will take to get there and back.  Wedding cakes are always quoted to include delivery and set-up anyway.

I'm shopping around for wedding cake prices, should I pick the cheapest?

No, no and No!  So often I hear “I’m just shopping around for prices”…Please don’t!  It’s a little like choosing a car or a house…really…don’t laugh!  You wouldn’t compare these because they all deliver different things to you and what you want.   Did you pick the cheapest wedding venue?  Or the cheapest wedding dress in the shop?  Probably not.  But unlike venues and dress shops, wedding cake makers are really bespoke and individual.  We’re all different, we have strengths and weaknesses…and we are pretty much ALL run by one person!  That is a creative cake designer (the one who started the business, designed and baked all the cakes, created their website and photographed all their instagram and pinterest images).  And we all have our own particular ethos and personal style.  Choose your cake designer wisely.  Pick the one who you feel is on board with your own vision, and one you feel comfortable and confident to work with (and if that’s not me I won’t be offended in the slightest!).  And just to let you know, a picture of a cake that you have fallen in love with off the internet, may well be something that has been specially created as a photographic piece.  So, do your research, and check out the actual, real life wedding cakes that your chosen cake maker has actually made.

Do you make short notice cakes?

Absolutely!  If we have space available, we will fit you in, all it takes is a quick email or phone call to find out.

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