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Hanging Wedding Cakes and Chandelier Wedding Cakes Leeds

Hanging Wedding Cakes and Chandelier Wedding Cakes in Leeds.

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We specialise in Hanging Wedding Cakes and Chandelier Wedding Cakes for Asian Weddings in Leeds, Yorkshire and Manchester.  We offer several options, from tabletop frames to freestanding arrangements for our Hanging Wedding Cakes.  Chandelier Wedding Cakes are a spectacular and showstopping option for your Wow Factor Wedding Cake.  And we love designing and creating them!

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Hanging Wedding Cakes and Chandelier Wedding Cakes can be created as Eggless Wedding Cakes, and are the ultimate Asian Wedding Cake.   But also if you are hoping to deliver an utterly unique and amazing Wedding Cake for any wow-factor Wedding in Yorkshire, Manchester or Cheshire.

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Our Hanging Wedding Cakes start at £800.00 and range up to £2000.00 depending on the size of the cake and also the size and scale of the structure.  A starting point of £800.00 will provide a tabletop frame displaying a 3 tier hanging wedding cake with lots of floral detail.  Cake portions will accommodate up to 200 guests.

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The possibilities are limitless, and we have the experience and expertise to engineer the construction professionally…read our editorial on Hanging and Chandelier Wedding Cakes for a more in depth guide to Hanging Wedding Cakes in Yorkshire, Manchester and Cheshire.

Contact us with your individual requirements.  As with all of our other spectacular Wedding Cakes, sizes vary enormously, so it’s really a case of how large you want your Wedding Cake to be and what impact you are hoping to create.  We will work with you every step of the way to ensure you get your Dream Wedding Cake within your chosen budget.  We’re here to help!