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Are you looking for a personalised birthday cake in Huddersfield, Halifax, Brighouse, Elland, Bradford, Leeds or Wakefield?  You’ve come to the right place!  Here at Sugar Velvet Cake Company we have been creating delicious, bespoke, custom, personalised birthday cakes for several years and each cake is completely unique.  Because every person is unique!

Say It With Cake


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Personalised Cakes in Huddersfield

The first thing and the most important point to make, if we are designing a personalised birthday cake is this.   Tell me a little (or a lot!) about the person you are ordering a personalised birthday cake for!  This may be personality, hobbies, interests, favourite colours, likes, dislikes etc.  And there is no such thing as too much information!  Often, an initial email will give me a really good idea about how I can design and create the best possible bespoke cake for your particular requirements, and send you some detailed options to choose from.  Obviously budget is a factor in many cases.  There’s no point in me spending ages rambling on about all the elaborate and wonderful cake designs I could create for hundreds of pounds for a massive event, if your budget is £90.00 tops, and you only need to feed 5 people.  So, tell me as much as you can from the start and we can get to your dream cake super quick!


What Kind Of Cakes Do We Make?

Have a browse through our galleries of personalised birthday cake designs that we’ve dreamed up, designed and created for hundreds of very special customers in Huddersfield and beyond.  We designed many of these cakes by simply asking for some information about the person and created a personalised design just for them.  Get some inspiration from the galleries to see what is possible, and see our real work.

Corporate and Event Cakes

A sculpted 3D spectacle, grand scale cake to impress, something simple yet personalised to represent your brand, or a corporate gift from one business to another…just get in touch to discuss your requirements.  We can design and create something fantastic for you.

Children's Birthday Cakes in Huddersfield

Character themed, brightly coloured confections or a personalised collection of your child’s favourite things, we can create a personalised children’s birthday cake with the wow-factor.

Cakes For Ladies

Glamorous and beautiful cakes, designed and crafted to perfection.  Make her feel every bit as special as she is to you…with cake!  Shoes, handbags, jewellery and fragrance brands…say it with Chanel, Tiffany, Jimmy Choo or Louboutin.  Hand made sugar flowers, diamantes and crystals, or something really personal…and you get to eat it!

The Exclusive Luxury Collection

Custom Made Cakes By Sugar Velvet

Looking for something amazing?  Look no further.


Looking for a sculpted 3D cake for a special occasion or novelty celebration cake?  Check out some of our 3D cakes here.

Personalised birthday cakes, bespoke celebration cakes, event cakes and all special occasion cakes can be pretty much anything you like.  Sometimes you will know exactly what cake design you are looking for, or you may simply know what theme or character your want to base the cake design on.  There are lots of options to make children’s character cakes, 3d cakes and novelty cakes unique and different. 

As with our Wedding Cakes, you can choose any flavour from our Cake Menu for your unique birthday cake.   We also offer a delicious range of birthday cakes suitable allergies, intolorences and dietary requirements such as eggless cakes, dairy free, gluten free and vegan cakes.

All the details can be easily arranged by email or telephone, there’s no need to come and see us to book a birthday cake.  Once you are happy with the design outline and price quoted, you can book the cake with a £25.00 deposit (payable by direct transfer) and the balance can be paid in cash when you collect the cake (or by direct transfer the day before).  We don’t offer sample tastings for birthday cake bookings, these are only available for wedding cake orders.  Please not your cake is not booked unless you have paid a deposit.  We always email a confirmation of your order once payment is received.

Collection is available for your birthday or special occasion cake, and we also offer a free delivery option within a 5 mile radius.  Delivery is also available further away for a nominal charge, just ask for details at the time of booking or enquiring.

Each cake is uniquely designed, then freshly baked from the finest ingredients and hand made to the highest standards.  We’ve been creating personalised cakes in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire since 2010 and we are very proud of our reputation and wonderful customer testimonials.

We don’t advertise individual cake prices on our website.  The cakes in our galleries are real cakes we have baked and created, and we respect our customers privacy.  You can make an enquiry about any of our previous cake designs featured in the galleries, and we can quickly give you a price based on the size/number of portions you need.  This bit is quite important, as all images fill the same sized box on a website screen page, but in reality these cakes actually varied greatly in size.  So, you might like the look of one of our really big cakes but only need a few portions for a small family get-together.  Vice versa, a small cake design can easily to upscaled to a much larger one!

 Any of our wedding cake designs can be adapted for a personalised celebration cake, tiered cakes are very popular as birthday cakes. The height adds a sense of luxury and wow-factor.  Our small tiered cakes are fine to be collected and transported yourself, but the larger, taller and more structurally complex tiered cakes really do need to be delivered by us, to your home or the venue where your celebration is taking place.  This is because they are very heavy, often incorporating fragile decorations, so they need to be kept stable during transportation.  Some really big, tall cakes require assembling on site, much like a wedding cake.  We will, of course, discuss all of this at the time of enquiring and booking.







Order A Birthday Cake with a £25.00 Deposit

Teenage Birthday Cakes

Teenagers cakes and birthday cakes for girls and boys can be themed around a band, hobby, favourite brand (such as Tiffany, Chanel etc) or online game (Fortnite, Fifa), or maybe a mix of a few hand made sugar items representing things they are interested in. 

Cakes for Boys...and Men

Give us a little info about the birthday boy and we can create something fabulous for the occasion.  Hobbies, interests, favourite tv show, things they obsess about or things they love…things you love about them…anything at all.  We can design something unique and individual for the birthday or special occasion.

Anniversary Cakes

Very special, significant anniversary cakes, designed and crafted to perfection.  Representing the couple as a whole, or a portrayal of their married life, featuring individual elements, family moments, or simply a classic elegant cake design that delivers on taste for your guests.  Or how about something fun to create a real talking point at your party?

What we do

Handmade Cakes in Huddersfield

Unique Cakes for any occasion.  Our cakes are delicious, we offer award-winning customer service, and we can deliver anywhere in Yorkshire or Greater Manchester.

Order A Personalised Birthday Cake 

Eggless Cakes

We’re pretty passionate about eggless cakes and other free-from cakes.  So, we are over the moon to be able to offer any cake design as an eggless, gluten free, dairy free, vegan version.  There are certain things we need to change with the ingredients and techniques we use, but there’s no need to compromise on the look and taste of your cake.

In fact, this Elsa – Frozen Themed Cake was my original design and I’m so pleased and flattered that it has been copied and reproduced by cake makers all over the world!

Childrens Birthday Cake Maker

For young children in particular, I am often presented purely with a Disney or Film Hero/Heroine Theme or TV Character.  Together with a minimum number of cake portions and a budget…  This is the best way to commission a fabulous children’s birthday cake for your little one.  Every cake is unique, we always strive to make the design as amazing and unique as possible.  And every cake is freshly baked from the best quality ingredients with a real focus on flavour and wholesome goodness…Free range eggs, real dairy butter, no artificial additives or preservatives, and a whole lot of love!

Free-From Cakes in Yorkshire and Manchester

Vegan, Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Diabetic…allergic or intolerant to all nuts, some nuts, soy, lactose, E numbers etc etc etc…  This poses no problem at all.  If you’ve read some of the other pages and posts, you will know, we’re very well up on this subject!  So, whatever your dietary requirements, we can create a show stopping cake to fit the bill!  Our Vegan Cakes have been supplied to St James Palace on request of HRH The Duke of York.