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Hanging Wedding Cakes are Amazing and will definately give your Wedding the Wow-Factor….

Here are some things to consider with a Hanging Wedding Cake…or indeed any Large, Tall, Spectacular Wedding Cake…

For a while now, I’ve been meaning to write a post giving a bit of an insight into the why’s wherefore’s and costing issues surrounding large and spectacular wedding cakes.  Just so you have a bit of ‘behind the scenes’ information…

And, I’ll apologise in advance, this is a really long article about wedding cakes and the importance of choosing the right wedding cake maker.   Whether your wedding is in Huddersfield, Halifax, Leeds, Bradford, Harrogate, York or anywhere in Yorkshire, Manchester or Cheshire.  Binge on all the wedding cake information in one go, or bookmark the page and visit it in bite size chunks.  It’s all the really important stuff I have always included in Sugar Velvet’s complete wedding cake service, for every single one of my clients, and my reviews say it all.

Is my wedding Venue suitable?     Hanging wedding cakes and really tall wedding cakes require a fairly wide time frame for delivery and set-up.  As they need stacking and assembling on-site (there’s no way anyone could transport them safely already stacked and assembled).  So, if your wedding venue is a hotel, and you have booked a separate, dedicated room solely for your wedding reception, that’s relatively straightforward.  We have plenty of time to set up properly as we can arrive early in the morning, and the room is shut away from the public, keeping your wedding Cake safe until you arrive.  However, some hotel venues may use your reception room for the breakfast service for the whole hotel, and we may not have access until they have cleared away, this could be as little as an hour before your guests start arriving!.  Equally, if you are using the same room for your ceremony as your wedding reception, we will be under even tighter constraints, and these circumstances would not be suitable for such a wedding cake set-up.  We will check all these details on your behalf, and anything is possible, but the access constraints will be factored into the cost of your wedding cake quote.  If your wedding venue is a dedicated Asian Wedding Venue (i.e a purpose built events facility that is not open 24 hours a day), this may not accessible until around an hour before your guests start arriving, which is fine if we are simply dropping a ready assembled cake off with a little accessorising on the table, but not so if we are building something from scratch.  We will be waiting outside for the owner/manager to arrive and open up!  We will then be waiting for tables to be moved and set-up, and perhaps dance floors building and DJ’s setting up.  There will be lots of people milling around and this will make the wedding cake set-up even more time sensitive, not to mention the fact that we won’t be able to guarantee the safety of the structure with so much other setting-up going on after we have left your cake at the venue.  The larger Leeds Wedding Venues such as Royal Armouries and Elland Road Pavillion are usually accessible from first thing in the morning, and on ground level with great access in and out, so this makes things much more flexible for all your Wedding Suppliers.  These are two of our favourite Wedding Venues in Leeds.  Lovely large venues that can be transformed into Spectacular Asian Wedding Themes, with the space to accommodate hundreds of people.  High ceilings, and an abundance of flexible space to stage your Dream Wedding in Yorkshire.

Will your Wedding Cake be on the Dancefloor?    If the dancefloor is already laid  (i.e you’re happy with the dancefloor currently installed in the venue), this isn’t so much of an issue.  But if you decide to book your own bespoke dancefloor, illuminated etc…we will be waiting for the dancefloor guys to arrive and do their stuff!  Whenever they arrive!  This means we won’t be able to set-up your wedding cake until the amazing dancefloor guys have finished (including cleaning and drying said amazing dancefloor!).  We would never stack and set-up your amazing wedding cake with the promise of it being carried over on the table afterwards…it’s not an option, honestly.  Large Wedding Cakes are incredibly heavy, for instance, a Six Tier Wedding Cake will have a base tier of at least 14″ in diameter, and if you are opting for a smart and classy ‘deep tiered’ design, it will be at least 4″ deep.  This means that just your base tier of cake could weigh around 12kg ALONE!   So, once we have stacked your Wedding Cake and deemed it to be absolutely perfect before we leave, it really has to stay exactly where it is!

Will your Wedding Cake be on the Stage?  As with the dancefloor scenario, if you have commissioned a bespoke stage, we will obviously have to wait for this to be built.  But if your stage is already built, you will likely have chosen your own colour scheme and decor, so we will have to wait for this to be dressed and accessorised before we are able to start setting up your wedding cake.  Consider the alternative of having your wedding cake set to the side of the stage if you are concerned about it possibly getting damaged, or any movement from people walking up and down the boards.  I would normally recommend  the opposite end of the stage to where everyone will be coming up to greet you!  I really love it when the wedding cake is positioned on or at the side of the stage, as the backdrop is simply beautiful and results in really amazing photographs.

Think about your backdrop…  One of the first things I always make a point of mentioning, it’s sooo important.  Whether you are looking for a hanging chandelier wedding cake, a tall spectacular wedding cake, a wedding dessert table or absolutely any kind of wedding cake…let’s face it, it’s a major photo in your wedding album.   You have to consider what is behind it and where you will be standing when you cut the wedding cake?  And for Asian Wedding Cakes in particular…so many family group shots…think about where everyone else will be positioned around you and the wedding cake.  We think this is a very important part of our service, and we will guide you every step of the way, because everything should be perfect.  It’s a standard part of the service we offer when you choose us to create your dream wedding cake in Leeds, Harrogate, Yorkshire, Manchester or Cheshire.

Hanging Wedding Cake vs Chandelier Wedding Cake…what’s the difference?  A Chandelier Wedding Cake is basically an upside-down wedding cake, a Hanging Wedding Cake can be either an upside-down wedding cake or a traditionally stacked and tiered wedding cake.  Either options can be suspended within a tabletop frame, but these are limited to three tiers maximum.  A four, five or six tier wedding cake will have to be suspended in a floor standing structure.  The hanging/suspension options are as follows;  single chain from the centre of an upside-down or upright cake, perpendicular chains/wires from the base board of an upright cake, angled chains/wires from the base board of an upright cake.  Tabletop stands and full height floor stands can be full arches or half-stands (c-stands) in a variety of shapes and accessorised with pearls, crystals and floral decor to compliment the wedding cake and your wedding theme.  The different suspension arrangements will be suitable for different wedding cakes dependent on factors such as weight loading, shape, size and swing factor!  There’s a bit of engineering and physics involved, but rest assured we’ve got it covered.

We can literally create any wedding cake design as a hanging cake, and there are several options with the frame/stand/hanging structure.  Tabletop or floor standing.  Tabletop starts at £800 for 3 tier upright,  but you could have an upside down 4 tier for the same price (depending on iced design).  The tabletop hanging cakes can range up to £950.00 for something very detailed with lots of flowers.

hanging wedding cakes leeds

Tabletop really does have a limit of 3 tiers with an upright cake and 4 tiers with an upside down (chandelier) cake due to the space available within the frame, and obviously a height limit for the cake.

A floor standing structure is best for anything larger, and has the real wow factor, but is obviously more expensive….starting at £1100.00..

hanging wedding cakes chandelier wedding cakes yorkshire manchester

And ranging up to £2000.00 for the ultimate Hanging Wedding Cake Design…

hanging wedding cakes yorkshire cheshire manchester

These collages are an indication of the options available in different price brackets, all final prices do depend on cake and frame size, frame layout, cake design etc, but hopefully gives you an idea of what is possible, and also how big your budget needs to be if you want a larger floor standing tiered hanging cake of four or more tiers.  Pricing is really about how big you want your cake/hanging cake display to be, rather than the number of tiers.

Any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me, I’m happy to help and guide you through, as the pricing options for hanging cakes and really big wedding cakes are quite complex, and everyone’s requirements are different.  So if you simply tell me your absolute maximum budget, and what impact, size and wow-factor you are dreaming of for your hanging chandelier wedding cake,  I can tell you what would be achievable for that price.

Really Big Wedding Cakes with lots of tiers…

Again, with these showstopper wedding cakes, very popular for large Asian and Indian Weddings, most of the above applies.  But we also like to make sure that your cake table will suit the style and size of wedding cake you are having.  Some wedding venues have a selection of wedding cake tables in different sizes and we always arrange the most suitable one.  Some have glass cake tables, these are gorgeous and set your wedding cake off beautifully!  If we have a larger table available, it’s nice to accessorise this with some added decorative items, and we always ensure that your wedding cake is staged perfectly, and a really stunning centrepiece.  I have never, ever, simply delivered and left a lonely wedding cake on a white tablecloth….it’s unthinkable!

Does your Wedding Venue have a Cake Stand…and do you want to use it?

Most of the traditional, hotel wedding venues will have a standard silver cake stand.  Some are beautifully engraved and embossed in real silver (they’re heavy!) and they look very authentic and expensive.  So, for a luxe wedding cake design featuring silver detailing, crystal, diamante, and a neutral colour scheme, they are a very   They may have a few to choose from…square, round and different sizes.  I always make sure that whatever the cake stand you decide upon, that the base board of your wedding cake will be exactly the same size and shape, so that it sits perfectly and looks cohesive and correct.  It’s a tiny attention to detail, but one I have always maintained.  Some ‘silver’ cake stands are actually plastic sprayed silver, often scuffed and scratched, and horribly cheap-looking….I hate these, I really do!   They do absolutely nothing to compliment your wedding cake, rather the opposite.  So, if I am presented with this as the only option when I arrive at your venue, I will endeavour to disguise it in any way I can…and I have lots of ways!

Some of the larger, purpose-built wedding venues in Yorkshire, Manchester and Cheshire, particularly the ones who specialise in Asian and Indian Weddings, don’t have their own wedding cake stands.  This is because they are huge spaces which can be transformed into fantastical themes, and the majority of their clients have very striking, spectacular and very different themes and colour schemes.  This is why we always offer the option of including a bespoke wedding cake stand as part of your wedding cake..  From something very simple to create additional height and a platform for your wedding cake (around £30.00)…a beautiful floral base, literally a cloud of fresh or silk flowers, you could let your guests pick a flower at the end of the day to keep as a memento/wedding favour of your special day (these are around £100.00 depending on size)… to something very elaborate and amazing…the possibilities and endless and the only limitation is our imagination!

Where will your Wedding Cake be placed in the Venue?

Really important!  I can’t stress how important this is!  Many wedding venues will have a standard place that they put the cake table…boring, yes.  And often really bad!  Do you want your beautifully designed and dreamed of wedding cake, that you have paid good money for, located next to the toilets?  I think not.  There may be even a nice red fire extinguisher, a yellowing radiator, curtains in a clashing colour or pattern, one of those emergency exit stick men figures showing the nearest escape route in the event of a fire in the background.  If there is anything unattractive in the background when I set your wedding cake up (I will see it instantly, as I always take several photos before I leave!), I will do my utmost to eradicate these.  Even if it’s a case of tilting the table in a different direction, or shifting it a few inches to the left…even ironing a creased tablecloth once…yes really!

One way to cover all angles is to have a think about where you would like the wedding cake to be whilst you are deciding on your table layout.  In the early days, I was probably one of the very first advocates of shaking things up a bit with placement.  I always suggested having the wedding cake in the middle of the room, especially if the venue reception room was  decent size and there weren’t hundreds of guests.  It’s quite do-able, your venue may not offer a choice, but it’s your wedding, so just say where you want your wedding cake in the room, or I can do it for you….simple!

Do remember, that all these details are automatically organised by us as at Sugar Velvet, as part of our unique service when you book a wedding cake with us.  We always liaise with your Venue and Wedding Co-Ordinator to ensure that your Wedding Cake is simply spectacular and is exactly as you dreamed it would be.

Asian Wedding Cakes Yorkshire Manchester
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Asian Wedding Cakes Yorkshire Manchester
Hanging Wedding Cakes are Amazing and will definately give your Wedding the Wow-Factor.... Here are some things to consider with an Asian Wedding Cake...or indeed any Large, Tall, Spectacular Wedding Cake...
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